“We started seeing Stephanie several years ago when my son was in elementary school and was diagnosed with ADHD.  Initially, I appreciated her comprehensive understanding of this disability – both medically and psychologically.  She came along side us and comforted, coached and creatively taught both me and my husband as well as our son about ADHD.  She has a wealth of insight into how to deal with challenging behavior as well as a lot of personal experience in dealing with the school systems.  More than anything, though, I appreciate her wisdom and feel that every time we talk I am better prepared to know how to handle the unexpected challenges that are going to come my way.”  –SD

“There are special people who touch our lives and guide us with love and kindness. For me, I have been blessed with the referral for Stephanie Hedgecock by our elementary school counselor. My daughter and I both worked with Stephanie in individual and group sessions the first 5 years and have required her guidance intermittently during the last 3 years. In that time, she has provided a safe environment for my daughter to be able to discuss how she feels, listens intently about her struggles and vulnerabilities and has helped her explore and identify options for personal growth. There have been a few urgent times I’ve leaned on Stephanie to help my daughter with very little notice. She always made time for her and squeezed her in a very busy schedule. My work with Stephanie, both individually and in group sessions, has literally changed my life. She has a compassionate and gentle approach, provides a calm atmosphere and asks questions in a way to allow me to explore situations from various angles and points of views. Although my daughter and I have more to learn and accomplish, with Stephanie’s help and support, we feel empowered. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I am confident you will not be disappointed. Stephanie has been supportive in so many ways and invaluable to our family. “–CF

“Stephanie is an excellent counselor. I came to her during a very difficult time in my life and with her caring and passionate approach in helping people, I was able to deal with my situation head on and come out a much better person. She helped me realize things from my past that subconsciously were affecting my everyday life and offered real solutions for me. She peeled back the emotional layers of my life and got me to see how my past was effecting the present and how I could improve my future. I am able to recognize the subconscious triggers of my past and know how to deal with them if they should come up again. Stephanie changed my life and to this day I still use the tools and knowledge she instilled in me.” — TJ

“Stephanie has been an influential person in the lives of my children and me.  She has been a go-to person for over ten years, since we first began seeing her for counseling.  Stephanie “gets it.”  She brings her own life experience, and expertise especially in regards to ADHD and anxiety (in out case), and a deep desire to connect with her clients.  She goes above and beyond because she cares.  Stephanie came into our lives at a time when we as a family were struggling.  I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without her guidance and support.”  –JB

“Stephanie has worked with my daughters and myself over the last 6 years. She has helped navigate us through some very rough waters. Stephanie is a credit to her profession. She has an easiness about her that makes her very approachable. She has learned it and lived it. Her passion is evident and compassion for her clients genuine. I have recommended her to more than a few friends. Those that have gone to see her, love her. Stephanie genuinely cares and it shows.”  –TH

Stephanie met with my son over a period of several months to try to encourage him get his life figured out and work through some ADD issues. She went about and beyond with him! Not only did she help him work through some tough topics, she also supported him as he considered joining the military. She even went with him to the recruiter to give him that added support he needed. Stephanie worked directly with my son on the scheduling and helped him take some responsibility” –WT

“I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Stephanie during a very difficult period for my family. She was able to help us navigate through this very painful difficult time. She was very honest and open and brought experience, compassion and knowledge.”  –KH

Stephanie is a caring professional with a wealth of experience. I’ve learned a lot from her and about myself. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her counseling.”  –FA

“Stephanie is very personable and I felt at ease talking with her right away. She seemed to understand my situation and what I was going through. I could tell that she genuinely cared about how I was feeling. Her office is a very peaceful and comfortable place. I have recommended her to many people looking for a therapist.” –TS

“Stephanie was very professional. She totally understands children with ADHD and helps parents cope. Her kid’s group and parent’s groups are very effective. It is amazing to realize that other parents are going through the same things that you are. She is very honest but compassionate. She tells you things that are not easy to hear, however, they help you grow as person and help you along your personal journey. She helps you decipher what your problems are and then gives you good guidance.”  –PM

“”Stephanie is a wonderful counselor. She helped me and my family address the family and school issues associated with my son’s ADHD. She is caring, resourceful and wise.”  –CG