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How to come alive to the life you’re longing for

Healing Anxiety and Fear How are you feeling right now? Looking back, how did you feel most of last week? What do you remember saying to your friends or partner, to yourself as you went through each day? Did you feel a sense of calm or were you anxious more often than you’d like? Were […]

What can we do in this climate of confusion.

“God is love. Love is blind. Stevie Wonder is blind. Therefore, Stevie Wonder is God.” As we see conspiracy theories flying around social media and false medical information that has been debunked through scientific method, I can’t help but think of the toxic influence of Cambridge Analytica in 2016. I’m not aware of anything that […]

“Say Thanks. You’ll Get More Sh*t”

Can living in the spirit of thankfulness really change your life? I was at a conference several years ago. The luncheon speaker took the stage and introduced herself. I sure wish I had written down her name because I’d love to see all of the good I’m certain that she has done in the world […]

ADHD: Help For Parents & Teachers

If you’re stressed out, confused, frightened or frustrated trying to parent or teach an ADHD child, you’ve come to the right place for answers and solutions that really work. Do you know what’s going wrong with brain development that causes your child or student to behave in ways that escalate conflict and family stress? Do […]

You Are More Important Than You Know

For what it’s worth… 45 minutes to kill in the car as we head to the shore.  I reached out to two women yesterday for feedback. I woke up today feeling so good. I could fill a page with all the words and reasons to describe “so good” but don’t worry, I won’t.  I will […]

Not Me.

A Christian friend sent this video to me. It is incredibly moving, and I highly recommend you watch it, but the end of it got me thinking about something that rubs me wrong. More on that in a minute.  For my agnostic or atheist friends here… I hope you’ll hang with me, read this, and […]

Let Your Faith Guide Your Healing

Let Your Faith Guide Your Healing   Just for a moment I will sit here and feel this sadness, thinking about the pain people feel… the suffering that is felt when we fall short and violate our own values, trespass on the values and over the boundaries of others; especially those we love.   I […]

The Problem with Defensiveness

Recently, a young, married mother, was reflecting with me about several improvements in her life. Her voice suddenly shifted from upbeat to a mildly distressed tone as she talked about her fear of addressing conflict with her husband. After long standing patterns of conflict avoidance and then heated arguing, she was pretty sure things between […]