If you’re stressed out, confused, frightened or frustrated trying to parent or teach an ADHD child, you’ve come to the right place for answers and solutions that really work. Do you know what’s going wrong with brain development that causes your child or student to behave in ways that escalate conflict and family stress? Do you know why your ADHD child is often rejected by peers and excluded from social gatherings? Are you frustrated by your child or students inconsistencies, sluggish motivation, argumentative nature, quick temper, and emotional immaturity? Are you dealing with constant sibling conflict? If so, let me give you some insight and answers to help you resolve these common problems associated with ADHD.

I published this video for undergraduate child psychopathology students, at the request of their professor. If you’re parenting a child who has ADHD, or you’re a teacher, you’ll find the insights and information discussed in this informal talk very helpful. If you want a more in-depth consultation specific to your child, client or student,

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