About Me

Stephanie Hedgecock MA, LPC, NCC

I received my Master’s in Professional Counseling from Lindenwood University. I completed my supervised training at Kids in the Middle, St. Louis, Missouri, where I worked with high conflict families undergoing separation and divorce. This experience profoundly contributed to my desire to help wounded children and their parents through the often crazy times that go along with early stages of divorce, and later blending of new families.

For more than twenty years, I’ve worked with and mentored individuals affected by a loved one’s addiction or abuse of alcohol. Through helping partners and family members heal from broken trust, build healthy boundaries, improve self love and spiritual wholeness, I have repeatedly had the privilege of witnessing sad, anxious, fearful people, heal, discover joy, and learn to detach with love and let go of the compulsion to control things outside of self.

In 2006, I began research in the field of ADHD. Over the years, I’ve worked extensively with parents, teachers, IEP teams, as well as children and teens diagnosed with this complicated disorder. Working closely with individuals and families, my passion is building their knowledge and expertise on how ‘their ADHD affects them’ as well as their individual strategies and coping skills. Having a child of my own who has ADHD has given me the personal experience and empathy for parents who walk in overwhelmed, frightened and frustrated. I meet them wherever they are in their knowledge and emotional challenges, and together we navigate them into a space of confidence and peace of mind they were previously unable to find. Through the years I’ve developed close relationships with the families I’ve helped and it is the testimony of grateful parents and individuals that reward me most. Hearing parents share that, “every time we talk (they) feel better prepared to know how to handle unexpected challenges”, is deeply gratifying. As a parenting coach, I use behavioral therapy to help parents build the structure and master the tools and techniques needed to take charge of their family and create a more peaceful home life.

In 2009, I was approached to help a Gold Star Mom who was not only grieving the loss of her son, who was Killed in Action, but also concurrently grappling with the devastating effects of her newly diagnosed autoimmune disease. The fulfillment of working with this military family sparked my passion for helping service members and their families cope with the unique stressors of military life–especially around grief, loss and relationship strain.

I also have a special affinity for working with women with the mission of healing past wounds, achieving wholeness, building healthy self-esteem, and finding their sweet-spot in the balance of intimate relationships, spirituality, work, play and physical self-care. It is incredibly rewarding to share the journey with women who come into a level of esteem and confidence that transforms life as they know it.